Benny Dhaliwal ft. Roach Killa - Kuri Haan Di (Out Now)

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Coming off Benny Dhaliwals debt album titled 'VA VAI VA' comes the 1st single, 'Kuri Mere Haan Di'. The single is out now, followed by the full album out 25th November. 

Kuri Mere Haan Di - Single - Benny Dhaliwal

‘Va vai Va’ is the new expression on everyone’s lips! If you aren’t saying it already, you will surely follow trend after hearing the highly-anticipated debut album by Benny Dhaliwal. Adding the magic to this talented singer’s vocals, the music has been produced by his previous collaborator, the ‘groundshaker’ himself, Aman Hayer - a musical maestro in the eyes of many.

Bringing you popular hits such as ‘De De Dil’ and ‘Hai Oye’, Benny Dhaliwal rapidly developed a dedicated fan base, making his mark across the UK and in India. Not one to become complacent, Benny went back to the studio to commence work for the album and he is now ready to present it to his fans in the form 8 powerful brand-new tracks.

“Every track has been carefully crafted with a lot of thought and relates to aspects of my life and my experiences. I hope this album will touch people – but also have them dancing!” – Benny Dhaliwal

‘Kuri Mere Haan Di’, the first track due for release, features Roach Killa who brings a smooth vibe to the track, whilst ‘Remember Me’ is one to honour those loved ones who are no longer amongst us. The multi-talented Benny Dhaliwal has also dedicated a track on the album to a sport he played professionally, competing across the world, so keep your ears peeled for this surprise element!!!

The album is due for release on Friday 25th November and will be available via iTunes and all good digital distributors.


0 #8 hele 2011-11-25 10:39
i love thi song it's sickkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkk :D :lol: :P
-2 #7 BhangraKnight01 2011-11-11 13:14
[censored][cens ored]du, its fine biggin up benny, nothing wrong with that, but to put down a quality singer like JK, and suggest that he needs training is just a schoolboy error!

You made a great point, at least Benny Dhaliwal's pronounciation is spot on and that has to be applauded, unlike the endless rubbish 'singers' emerging today, but its he who needs further training and development, not JK, JK is in a different league compared to even some of the most established singers.

theres definitely room for singers like Benny dhaliwal because hes half decent, speaks his punjabi properly and doesn't sing out of tune, but JK type singers is what the industry desperately needs more of
+3 #6 DesiPendu 2011-11-07 22:13
Some comments make me laugh. This guy has a great voice, his track hai oye was a hit. His pronunciation is spot on, unlike may artists out there!

popstar ur saying JK can sing and benny cant? What a joke, JK is great at screaming, he sings all his songs on the same extremely high pitched note and after a few minutes is extremely annoying! He mumbles his words and is very difficult to understand! However i admit he has talent if taught and guided correctly! As for Benny, yes he is not the finished article either but, his vocal range, control of notes is varied and very promising! So popstar please dont make silly comments if you havent got a clue!
hardeep singh bal
+2 #5 hardeep singh bal 2011-11-04 20:31
he's a good singer and has a different voice.. can't wait for his other songs
pop star
+2 #4 pop star 2011-10-31 23:00
yes singer are always improving! but this is very poor.. and is gonna get washed really fast!

i have said this before the UK singers there is a bench mark that needs to met:

Jaz Dhami!

and also that left over carpet that he is wearing on his back is ment to be for wiping feet on lol

go and learn your trade and do it right!
chittar Singh
+5 #3 chittar Singh 2011-10-31 22:38
this guy is way better than the other wack uk singers. Won't mention names. Benny deserves a chance
+7 #2 AP 2011-10-31 19:04
no i think benny is nice has a good new sound
pop star
-5 #1 pop star 2011-10-31 16:34
awwwwwwwwwwwww poor lad cant sing!

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