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DJ Rags ft. BEE2, Taj-E & Ishmeet Narula - Jordi (Out Now)

Calibar and The Sound Pipe proudly present the upcoming release of ‘Jordi’ a love song by DJ Rags featuring BEE2, Taj-E & Ishmeet Narula. After bringing you the hit tracks ‘Dupatta’ and ‘Moda Mar Ke‘ DJ Rags has slowed the pace down a little with a romantic song for all the couples out there.

Jordi (feat. BEE2, Taj-E and Ishmeet Narula) - Single - DJ Rags

‘Jordi’ features the vocals of BEE2 & Ishmeet Narula and sees DJ Rags collaborating with Taj-E to bring together the music in the style of a Bollywood love song.

Written by BEE2, ‘Jordi’ is a Punjabi love song for today’s generation with easily accessible lyrics ‘I get asked to play a variety of music and often couples request many Bollywood tracks for first dances, I was struck by the lack of uplifting Punjabi love songs and decided to create my own that is on par with romantic songs of Hindi films’ explains DJ Rags. ‘I knew that I wanted something that’s accessible to UK audiences while still maintaining the traditional element so crucial to Asian music coming out of the UK. Naturally, the guys at The Sound Pipe were first choice for collaboration as they have the knack of creating material accessible to all. I thoroughly enjoyed working with guys’. The sentiment is echoed by Taj-E who mentions ‘I had a blast working with Rags he is one the major DJs in the country and really knows the market. He has a good ear for what is current and knows exactly how he wants the product to come into being’.

Finally, the track’s video was directed by BEE2 and features him alongside DJ Rags and Taj-E as the matchmaker who brings the couples in the video together.

‘Jordi’ by DJ Rags featuring BEE2, Taj-E and Ishmeet Narula will beis now available to download from iTunes

Jordi (feat. BEE2, Taj-E and Ishmeet Narula) - Single - DJ Rags