Binnie Marwa Ft Dippa Satrang - Ek Ni Hazzara Dil (Out Now)

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"Ek Ni Hazzara Dil"( One out of thousands hearts) is the first original solo Bhangra and R&N project featuring the Dynamic voice of Dippa Satrang which will sure amaze you with this new punjabi desi vibe mix, this single will set standards for the modern day Bhangra Industry.

Binnie Marwa is a young musician / producer from Birmingham whose musical interest began from the day he was born, surrounded by music enthusiasts! 

From a very young age he was said to be interested by north Indian percussion instruments that were always around him such as the Dhol, Dholak. He used to spend hours trying to emulate the sounds heard around him.

The single is due to be released end of October.


Jixx Paal
+3 #6 Jixx Paal 2012-03-01 10:51
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He looks about 8, but at least he's HENCH!!

Cool sunglasses Bro, you look like a proper fagggggggg
+4 #5 Talent 2011-11-23 18:22
Hey dont listen to people like Bindi -binni the main thing is your trying, ok the track does sound very repetative, over and over again, but if you want some postive criticism i would not use samples, im a dj from the west midlands, and ive got the same sample pack which your using, if you want to be known as a producer you need to start making tracks from scratch. you got talent and that can be seen in your ideas. and if you do really play all the instruments which you state you can, you should be able to make a track all by your self. nyways keep it up, and vid looks good, hope you take these pionts on board and cant wait to hear some more stuff from you.
-4 #4 ASASASASAS 2011-11-17 23:04
Jheeze, so much negativity in the comments..
@bindibinni - think you tried a bit too hard to be funny? :-*

- keep it up binnie and all fans keep on supporting this young artist.
Bindi binni
-3 #3 Bindi binni 2011-11-03 22:42
bruv how comes you never sent me a post card as i seen you had a trip on the sand. WTf bro Y you rolling around in the dirty sand where camel's have shitted.

Get your suite Washed Daam...
+4 #2 Tired... 2011-10-31 20:05
another day, another kid... when's this gonna stop??? need some real artists to start making music again!
pop star
+7 #1 pop star 2011-10-31 16:35
not keen! nota a banger! 0/10

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