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Nindy Kaur Releases Third Single, Deewani

After releasing her first two singles, Akhian and 2 SeaterNindy Kaur releases her third video & single, Deewani. When asked about her video, Nindy Kaur stated, “The concept and idea of the video was to be bright, colorful, and very retro. We tried to showcase that funk in the song through the music as well.”

Shot in the beautiful Toronto, the video was directed by Jason Matos, whose creativity was also depicted in 2 Seater. The track was produced by RDB and lyrics were written by Kaur's close friend, Malkoo, from Pakistan. The video also features some of Toronto’s most amazing dancers to add that extra “umph” to the video. And as we’ve seen, Nindy Kaur is without a doubt a style icon. Shirley Wu & Maggie Wu of Beauty Concepts, once again, provided Kaur’s flawless style, wardrobe and amazingly gorgeous hair & make-up. Post-production of the video was done by Kam Compose Media.

Nindy Kaur has established strong grounds as a playback singer in Bollywood and credibility as a fashionista, as she’s planning to also launch her own clothing line. With the long awaited release of her debut album, NINDYPENDENT, music enthusiasts are eager to hear what the buzz is behind Deewani. Be sure to follow Nindy Kaur on Twitter and Facebook to find out more about Deewani!

Deewani will be released to all TV and media on October 13, 2011, and the song will be available for download on iTunes and RDB’s site on the 13th as well. With the anticipation of Kaur launching her clothing line, fans are eagerly awaiting her debut album, NINDYPENDENT.

"Deewani is a special track,” states Nindy Kaur. "It’s the one song that will break you away from your winter woo’s, is how I like to look at it. Once again, it was a great feeling to be part of the entire concept creation to post-production of Deewani. The more involved an artist is with his or her production, the more real it becomes for the audience to accept; and that’s how this experience has been for me. I am certain with the support I’ve received from my fans with Akhian and 2 Seater, I know Deewani will become an instant hit as well!”