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Simply Bhangra Vol 1 (Out Now)



Featuring the Massive track by Saini Surinder titled 'Thor' that topped the itunes chart at the No.1 spot! Infectious beats and sublime vocals represent the mash up of different sounds and artists in the latest and greatest Bhangra compilation of 2011, Out Now via itunes!

It's high-energy. It will make you dance. Showcasing some of the best of the best - it's the Volume 1 collaboration album from Simply Bhangra - the world’s leading South Asian Entertainment website portal and iPhone application. As one of the most anticipated albums in recent years, Simply Bhangra is putting themselves out there like never before. For the first time ever, South Asian Bhangra Superstars, like KS Bhamrah, Jaz Dhami, Garry Sandhu, Foji, Miss Pooja will showcase their heavyweight talent to the Bhangra world with 22 songs that includes three bonus - never heard before tracks. The result will be every Bhangra fan - young and old - hitting the repeat button on all the tracks.

Simply Bhangra Volume 1 - Various Artists

Set to release via iTunes on October 13th, listeners will come along on a Bhangra music extravaganza and will have them wanting to spontaneously break into Bhangra dance mode. "The process has been quite exhausting and all-consuming, but we are feeling the excitement and energy from all the artists and their respective fans, and are excited that we decided to start this project and are hopeful that this is the first of many Simply Bhangra Music Volumes," noted the team from Simply Bhangra.

The album‘s sophisticated song structures have a heavy dose of Bhangra beats and groove - the songs were hand-selected by the Simply Bhangra team, who wanted listeners to hear a variety of tracks from a range of artists who include 2011 Britasia Award winners, less well-known artists and additionally display an assortment of record labels and producers. "Today, it seems more and more South Asians are finding their Bhangra voices, wanting to showcase their musical talents, because it offers them a means for powerful self-expression and the freedom to move, a kind of Bhangra music liberation. As a community platform for South Asian music and artists, we at Simply Bhangra felt this Volume 1 collaboration was a natural extension of what we are doing, which is providing opportunities to our community to engage in all aspects of Bhangra."

Here is a complete track list of Simply Bhangra ~ Volume 1

Check out the promos for Saini Surinder - 'THOR', KS Bhamrah - 'Soho Road Te' and Mentor Beats -  'DAROO DO NAINA (DESI MIX) below!

{audio}/media/Music/Sept11/Thor_Promo.mp3{/audio} Listen to 'THOR' now

{audio}/media/Music/Sept11/DarooDoNaina_Promo.mp3{/audio} Listen to 'DAROO DO NAINA (DESI MIX)' now

{audio}/media/Music/Sept11/SOHO ROAD TEpromo.mp3{/audio} Listen to 'SOHO ROAD TE ' now

Simply Bhangra Volume 1 - Various Artists