Ravi Singh (RBS) ft. Charenjeet 'Cj' - Kamli (Out Now)

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After the Tremendous Hit of  " AKHIYAAN " And Tin Panj The Talented Producer Ravi RbsDj's By RBS Productions Releases His Next Track " KAMLI " Along With The Sensetaional Voice Of His Ustaad Ji's Cj Virdi. Video Directed by SHAR-S!

Kamli Hoyi - Charenjeet

RBS Ravi Is An Urban American Punjabi Producer From California With Hit Singles Such As " 3-5 " , " Akhiyaan " And Much More , Listen To RBS DJ's Songs Here -

RBS RAVI's Career In The Music Industry Started While Living In CALIFORNIA, U.S.A . He produced Several Hit Desi Mix Tapes At Late 2001 And In The Past Decade, He Escalated From A Local DJ To International Superstar. RBS Ravi Is The Only Producer To Have Multiple Production Deals With Bollywood And Uk's & U.S.A's Largest Entertainment Website


Charenjeet 'Cj', one of the most successful and talented Bollywood singers, who has established his name and repertoire in the Hollywood industry. Los Angeles (California) based artist  CHARENJEET 'Cj' is the only indian singer who has this vast range of his music abilities as he writes, composes, arranges his own music and he is the only indian soul to work with hollywoods top grammy award winners and nominated music directors like Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, John Henry, Kike Santander etc etc.....
CHARENJEET ' Cj' has so many Hollywood movies and other projects under his belt.
A selected list of credits:

• Eat,Pray,Love (Theatrical Film starring Julia Roberts)
• Outsourced (Theatrical Film)
• Outsourced (Television Series)
• The Other End Of The Line (A film by Ashok Amritraj)
• Big bang theory b
• Damages
• The Badger
• Holyman
• Passions (Television Series)
• Miss Match (Starring Alicia Silverstone)
• KHEL! A Bollywood Bedtime Store (Theatrical Play)
• Kamli Da Dhola Album
• Dhishoom (Animated Short Film featuring a caricature of Amitabh Bachchan.
After a huge success of 'Dhola' Charenjeet 'Cj' dropping his much anticipated first single "KAMLI" out with a very talented music director Ravi Rbs, of Rbs productions who has produced great hits like 3-5, and akhiyaan featuring Shar S.
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Kamli Hoyi - Charenjeet


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