Saini Surinder - Mundra (Out Now)

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E3UK Records & Kudos Music are proud to present their forthcoming single from Saini Surinder titled 'Mundra' produced by musical duo Kaos Productions.

Saini Surinder is undoubtedly one of the most talked about upcoming singers in the Asian music industry today. His fast growing popularity has taken him to tour and perform in locations such as Abu Dhabi & Georgia alongside the world famous Dhol Foundation.

Now in the UK and working with E3UK Records & Kudos Music, Saini Surinder hopes to rock the world with his phenomenal vocal capabilities. The artist has already left a mark on the industry in his short excursion with his vocals gracing 'Desi Peeni' alongside The Dhol Foundation and teaming up recently with Gupsy Aujla on the track 'Bhangra'.

He has also taken the live circuit by storm performing at many events accompanied by a full band. With this new release under his belt too, you can put your money on Saini Surinder becoming a long-term success in the UK Asian music scene!

Watch out for the Official Music Video for 'Mundra' shot by OffRoad Pictures dropping soon!

Mundra - Single - Saini Surinder

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+3 #3 Cha-Cha-Ji 2011-09-17 15:45
Good quality production - I can see that Kaos got some inspiration from Gregory Isaac's rumours on this one - listen to the drum/bass line.

Good track!
pop star
+3 #2 pop star 2011-09-15 18:01
Bought the track! :lol: Very happy with it!

Vocal: 8/10- i would of given 10 but its not as good his last single Bhangra.the quality is better in bhangra

Music: 8/10- music is good! :) again, i im only comparing it to his last single... the quality is in Bhangra.

but that track is very hard to TOP! but either way im liking this one!

Manjit sohi...mmmmm good but not better than saini!
Aman Singhhh
+1 #1 Aman Singhhh 2011-09-10 03:04
Saini Surinder VS Manjit Sohi ?? Battle of the high-pitch singers 2011. I am with Saini on this one, hopefully this "mundra" track does well and sets a standard in the industry. Looking forward to it 4sure !!

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