G-Deep ft. Sunny Leone & Senjay Luckey - Bring it Back (Video)

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DNA -- Desi Nation of America (G-Deep and DJ Riz) presents 'Bring it Back'. A fresh club track that features G-Deep, Senjay, and DJ Riz. G-Deep has just recently released a full hindi album called O'Billo and has gained a lot of success worldwide. G-Deep is now back on the scene with a song that caters to the younger generation. This song features fun and simple Punjabi lyrics by G-Deep that create a balance with Senjay's RnB style vocals.


A little bit about DNA: this group is created by G-Deep and DJ Riz to bring all the desi people of America closer through music. As we know that music is a universal language, and through DNA G-Deep and DJ Riz want to give music lovers a series of different musical collaborations. 'Bring it Back' is the first collaboration out of many others in line.

About the video: DNA wanted to create a fun filled lively video that was sassy and striking at the same time. The group asked the beautiful Sunny Leone to be part of this music video. As you can see, she really sparkles in the video. The video shows the three artists hangin' out on the couch and watching tv. All three are flipping through channels, each channel shows a different sync that was shot for the music video. DNA hopes to gain the support of all the desi people worldwide with this project; we hope that the song and music video will receive a strong positive response from everyone. Look out for future projects coming your way very soon.

Singer/Lyrics - G-Deep, Senjay Luckey
Music - Senjay Luckey and G-Deep
Label - DNA (Desi Nation of America}
Mixed - Senjay Luckey
Mastered - Bharat Goel
Video By Real G Productions USA
Producer - Deejay Riz, G-Deep
Director & Editor- Hemant Tavathia

Bring It Back (feat. Senjay Luckey & Deejay Riz) - Single - G-Deep


+5 #6 RE: G-Deep ft. Sunny Leone & Senjay Luckey - Bring it Back (Video)applecider 2011-08-20 23:22
lmao why would you use a pornstar in the video?
Desi Head
0 #5 Desi Head 2011-08-20 10:41
Wtf is the cr@p? If this Lable is reppin the best of north america then they can't have much to shout about. Saleh
bhangra singh
+1 #4 bhangra singh 2011-08-19 14:43
is it a bhangra first then, atleast hes being original lol unique USP it must be said
Cha-Cha Ji
0 #3 RE: G-Deep ft. Sunny Leone & Senjay Luckey - Bring it Back (Video)Cha-Cha Ji 2011-08-18 00:49
Quoting jaggajatt65:
LOL sunny leone the pornstar?

I did not know this until you said that. If you mum read this, you're getting thappar!!

Munda Biger Gya.
+2 #2 jattttttt 2011-08-17 22:34
looooool, couldnt stop laughing when i saw that. Shes crazy, really should stay away from punjabi culture now.
+9 #1 RE: G-Deep ft. Sunny Leone & Senjay Luckey - Bring it Back (Video)jaggajatt65 2011-08-17 10:38
LOL sunny leone the pornstar?

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