Saint Soldier – Infinity (Out Now)

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Talented Hip Hop artist from Vancouver, Canada has just released his debut album “INFINiTY”

The album “INFINiTY” contains seventeen tracks with music done by Mani D & Amtraxx. In his own words :

“ INFINiTY, being my first album, does not carry a single specific theme, rather covers a diverse range of emotions, ideologies & styles of music. From the 90's west coast influenced Talk Box, to the poppish flavors of Amtraxx and Indian classical vocals of Sukhraj & Sasha. The vibe of the album is mostly very tranquil and some of the songs are almost meditative. Through a specific combination of instruments, raags, and lyrics, we are attempting to enter the consciousness of the listener and bring love & self awareness to light. When I sit down to write a song, I don't go in with a specific intention. I don't say to myself "I'm going to do a song about this". So each song in this album is written from that very perspective I had in that very moment. It ranges from songs of attachment with my wife, like "Far away", and songs of sadness in separation from God such as "Your Name". I am happy with this project. It feels complete.”

Saint Soldier does not shy away from including political and social references in his music. . This can be deduced from recent releases such as Farmer Suicide which talks about issues that farmers face on a daily basis in Punjab , India. His musical history consists of many different internet singles that have gained thousands of views & comments. With his intellect and lyrical ability, Saint Soldier has impressed his fans and gained their up most respect as for he tries to target the topics that matter, the issues that most don’t talk about or have forgotten about. He will carry this type of message in all of his music in the future.

The album “ INFINiTY” is now available to purchase from itunes, and fans are encouraged to visit , which provides everything you could want to know about the artist.

Infinity - Saint Soldier

Check out the first official single off the album “Martyr” below:


0 #6 punjabi089 2011-08-13 12:58
u can sing in punjabi as well,
punjabi ch ga lao janab je lokan nu really gal samjhauni a .
0 #5 maharaja 2011-08-12 21:30
got some good talent but in one of your lines " I don't need to keep my guard up" and then later in the video guy smacks him and he puts his hands up. Just found that kinda funny.
bunny singh
+1 #4 bunny singh 2011-08-10 06:09
sounds awesome!
0 #3 UKRAP 2011-08-10 02:49
Sam Dhan
-3 #2 Sam Dhan 2011-08-09 23:15
Rap is a form of degenerate expression, but I suppose Sikhism has become that with all its rules, structure and ritual. This is pollution on the history of musical expression. Herein lies no art, just a bunch of un-intelligence disguised as "truth." Hah. Garbage.
Unknown DJ
+1 #1 Unknown DJ 2011-08-09 10:07
Straight dope!

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