Parichay - Queen Of Spades (Full Video)

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Check out the Full Video for Parichay’s forthcoming single – QUEEN OF SPADES which has been written, produced and sung by the talented Canadian singer.

In the video, Parichay sings to Sarah, a mysterious girl who walks into a room full of mobsters at a poker table. She joins in the game and gets the best of everyone's curiosity.

Parichay, a Mobster/Poker mastermind has 2 Queens and needs the Queen of Spades to complete his hand. Sarah, a sexy young lady and Parichay's love interest, has the Queen of Spades. She plays hard to get.

Annie, the waitress in the room has her eye on Parichay and makes her move..


- Who wins and leaves with the money?
- Who does Parichay leave with?
- Does Sarah slip him the Queen of Spades? If not, why?
- Does Parichay get his Queen Of Spades?

For the suspense, a whole lot of dance action, drama and glamour in the Official Video

What do you think about the video?

- Title: Queen Of Spades
- Artist: Parichay
- Produced by: Parichay
- Written by: Parichay
- Mixed by: Miles Walker
- Label: Chay Productions Canada/ Three Records UK
- Album: All New Everything
- Single release date: August 18, 2011
- Video release date: August 11, 2011


mr bolly
+1 #1 mr bolly 2011-08-13 17:37
parichay is the future of hindi music...

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