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Manny Khaira - Nau Sas (Out Now)

Manny Khaira is set once again to release his new single titled Nau Sas.

{audio}/media/Music/Aug11/NauSasPromo.mp3{/audio} Listen to the sample now!

Composer Arranger Producer and Singer Manny Khaira brings you Nau Sas with lyrics from Billa Bootan Mandi Wala the writer of his previous songs Punjab and Seetee.

Nau Sas is a dance competition between the Nau(Daughter in law) and the Sas(Mother in law) with a full video its time to see who will shine through. Billa Bootan Mandi Wala says "I wrote this song over 6years ago but i still feel its made for the whole family to enjoy and dance, not just the Nau Sas , but its good to get them to dance together".

All music and vocals performed by Manny Khaira in his own studio MK Studioz with additional music by Gurps Sandhar and Tabla Dholak by Parv Bharat and Dhol by Jag Saini and a host of backing vocals.

Nau Sas is available on Itunes and is OUT NOW with a full video on MK Recordz...

Nau Sas - Nau Sas - Single