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Kunal Agarwal Productions releases “Chammak Challo Remix

Kunal Agarwal Productions release its newest project, the Chammak Challo Remix.   Akon’s Chammak Challo song from the upcoming movie Ra.One was remixed by Sanjoy Deb and re-mastered by Gene Grimaldi of Oasis Studios. The video was recorded throughout various locations in Silicon Valley, California.

  Chammak Challo ft Akon (Remix) by Sanjoy

Kunal Agarwal is 19 years old, and currently an Electrical Engineering Computer Science student at UC Berkeley. He began his involvement in video production while at school earlier this year. He volunteered to do videos for UC Berkeley Bollywood dance teams, aiding them to win the biggest competitions in the country, and earning him a credible role as a Producer. Over the summer Kunal recruited a team of talented dancers and students to begin his new project, the Chammak Challo Remix Official Video.

Sanjoy Deb is a 19 year old Bay Area based DJ who is known for his electrifying remixes of hit songs both western and Bollywood. He brings his talents to local clubs and both public and private events. Some of his major accomplishments include performing at the International Music Festival and being broadcasted by Bay Area T.V. Stations. Constantly developing his skills, Sanjoy Deb is one of the fastest rising producers to come out of the Bay Area. His talents have also evolved for use in cinematic productions.

Kunal Agarwal Productions has secured several sponsors to the video: All sound and lighting equipment were provided by Dynamic Sound and Lighting. Vehicles were provided by Tesla Motors and Club Sportiva. Clothing and makeup sponsors include Sephora Valley Fair and Express Clothing.

Watch Video HERE