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Nickie G ft. Manjit Sohi - Gut Nagani (Out Now)

Nickie g is a leading expert in the professional industry of DJ and music production.  With the state of the art DJ equipment he does not fail to impress his audience’s from club scene’s to wedding functions.  With a well established roadshow ’Vibemasters’  for over a decade and a regular resident DJ in various clubs in London, his knowledge and skill has lead him to achieve to release his own record label ‘VM Records’ and he’s most recent accomplishment the debut single ‘Gut Nagani.

Always being in the heart of the music he has worked closely alongside established artists such as Sukshinder Shinda and DJ Vix.  Exploring the different styles of music generations has influenced him and opened new opportunities on his own musical adventure to produce and entertain.

His passion for music was noticed at an early age while playing on his keyboard by his music teacher.  With an ear for rhythm his career progressed forward.

Gut Nagani is a melodic track featuring Punjab’s voice of the future, Manjit Sohi.  With the infectious melody and the heavy bass line this track is a definite summer anthem 2011.

Gut Nagni (feat. Manjit Sohi) - Single - Nickie G