Sid releases the video to 'Maula Hit Karaday'

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Three words, enough to change anyone...

Musically speaking, for Sid, it has been a fast learning curve. Learning classic melodies sitting in a basement of a 80 years old building, with a rusting harmonium, lead by a classic teacher to working with Mr H on pumping electro-pop music six years later in London WAS a giant leap.

And embarking on the journey onto the mainstream was no different either... Throughout 2007-08 Mr H and Sid ( then known as H2H) performed together at tons of events in the UK including East London Mela and Barking Mela, along with making various TV appearances at popular Asian TV channels.

Fast forward a few years and armed with Mr H's new banging beats, Sid is back, ready to get back on the mainstream. With the help of Mr H's RockKnock productions and Akash Sam( Which is a big name on its own in Pakistan), Sid has assembled a great supportive team. They have all worked very hard over the past 15 months on his debut album, and particularly on his debut video "Maula Hit Karaday", which took weeks of rehearsals, not to mention the blood,sweat and tears of the dozens of performers.

Finally the time has come to pull the curtain open and let the show begin... as the whole purpose of all this , according to Sid was, “To entertain people , and to entertain well”.