Sam Khan - Back To My Old Ways (Video)

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B Somebody’s very own Sam Khan returns with this absolute banger, produced by Newcastle producer Rimshox.


Sam Khan goes back to his old ways on this one, with his raw lyrics and flow accompanied by a sick video that chops in between past achievements, such as his Jumpoff battle footage…In case you forgot that he was the 7 time Jumpoff MC battle champion.

You can download the track by going direct to

Sam has many tracks tucked up his sleeve, so be prepared for the takeover.


Pop star
0 #1 Pop star 2011-06-07 10:56
Looks like that confused guy "rubber dingy rapids... Init" lol Sam take a break no need for the old ways... Never even heard of you.

1: shizzo
2: raxstar
3: dizzy rascal
4: delay mendi - taar a raa track
5: mc special- so I can point and laugh
6: [censored] mc: - barking like a dog on stage " chori chori"

That's my top 6 rappers

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