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Jin & Seetal – Kol De Kunda (Out Now)

The Sound Pipe Records present the upcoming release of ‘Kol De Kunda’ the debut track from British Asian duet act Jin & Seetal.


Kol de kunda - Single - Jin & Sheetal

‘Kol De Kunda’ showcases the fresh vocals of the promising young duo with music produced by Taj-E and video by BEE2 of The Sound Pipe. Jin is no stranger to the British Asian music scene having started his music career in 1998 as a member of Birmingham’s Bhangra band Saqi. This platform enabled Jin to release his own material as well as collaborate with other artists such as Sardara Gill, Kishore Saqi, Kam Frantic, Jeeti and Punjabi by Nature.

Jin sought to introduce a new dynamic to his performance and had previously collaborated with classically trained singer Seetal on his previous tracks such as ‘Heer Ranjha’ from the EP ‘Existence’ and ‘Jija Saalhi’ from Temptation. The traditional flavour of the track led the duo to form as duet act Jin & Seetal. ‘Seetal is a versatile singer with the ability to sing classical/ghazal to religious and Punjabi folk styles. She bought the energy needed to complement my Punjabi folk vocal style’ explains Jin.

Jin & Seetal hope ‘Kol De Kunda’ will offer a new spin on the Asian music scene by showcasing the talents of a male and female act from the UK.

‘Kol De Kunda’ by Jin & Seetal will be available to download from iTunes from now. Watch out for the music video for the single on all Asian music channels.