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JK - Gabru Panjab Dha (Out Now)

One of the most eagerly antcipated albums of the year has finally been given a release date! 'Gabru Punjab Dha' the debut album by UK Born singing sensation JK is set to release June 30th on VIP Records!

You’ve seen the face, you’ve heard the voice and you know the name - JK Your browser may not support display of this image. Two little letters that represent possibly one of the most wanted Bhangra artists within the industry today. Ever since the release of his first video single ‘Gabru Panjab Dha’ at the tail end of 2008, fans have been eagerly anticipating the debut release of this young prospect.

Well the wait is almost over as the monster album ’Gabru Panjab Dha’ is scheduled to release on Thursday 30th June 2011 packed full to the brim with eleven scintillating tracks.

Tru-Skool delivers on the production duties as always with an infusion of powerful Panjabi folk expertly incorporated with hardcore hip-hop sounds alongside a conglomeration of musical influences giving each track its own distinct identity and flavor. ’Gabru Panjab Dha’ is DEFINITELY one for the collection.

The album will be accompanied by eleven high quality videos making JK the only Bhangra artist to have a video for each track. This is a conscientious decision made to reward the fans for their patience and longstanding support whilst the album was being perfected.

The journey has most certainly only just begun, you can preorder your digital and physical copy of the album now and get ready for the arrival of the real Gabru Panjab Dha - JK.

Track listing

01 – Gabru Panjab Dha

02 – Skit One

03 – Panga Peh Giyah

04 – England Nachdha

05 – Ik Tereh Karkeh

06 – Pat Liyah

07 – Skit Two

08 – Challeh Mundhia

09 – Jija Saali

10 – Skit Three

11 – Ho Giyah Sharabi

12 – Jaddhu

13 – Skit Four

14 – Chooteh Laareh

15 – Skit Five

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Watch the video for 'Challe Mundian' below!


Gabru Panjab Dha - JK