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Just Sound Loud - Total Overdose

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Total overdose - JsL

Different Strokes, The New Beginning, Just Sound Loud, oN thE roLL, Rhythm Re-Defined and Word is Re-Born.

     Here i am, once again wid "Total Overdose" a brand new adventure of Various well appreciated Tunes

   By Well known BIGGIES of Punjabi Music industry!

This Album contains 14 Tracks, 13 of em Contains my own Music xcept Track 13, 10, 6 <= They`re based on INSTRUMENTALS

#] All the tracks are my Favourites, As I gave the best of my Creativity to these tracks,
                                                      Ambersariya and Bach ke, I love em the most.

#] Ambersariya, Jaan [PalD], Yeh Yeh, Dil Tera Ashiq <=- njoyed playin KEYBOARD in all these tracks
                  Including My own Produced Music.

#] Nachan Waaliye Track no. 8, This track is from the album REPAZENT [Specialists and TruSkool]
 The track was a Radio Rip, I love there creation so just like others i was eger to hear the ORIGINALITY of this song,
                        Hence i tried to make it a bit original wid my Own MUSIC at the time it AIRED on RADIO!!

  Hope you like these Tracks and again i wont hesistate to say that all Credit goes to the CREATORS, am just a Modifier..

  Thats enough wid the BORING part, I think this`ll be my last Underground Concept,
   Cant commit a whole ALBUM, but i`ll be in touch for sure.


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