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DJ Rando & MR Amrit Ft. Lembher Hussainpuri – Punjabi (Out Now)

Stronger than ever and after much anticipation DJ Rando and MR Amrit proudly present their first and upcoming release “Punjabi”, featuring the amazingly talented vocals of Lembher Hussainpuri. The track will be released 28th May 2011.


DJ Rando and MR Amrit (Karizma Roadshow) bring with them more than 10 years of experience in the music industry, becoming a huge name that has been remembered by many and now will be much stronger due to the release of their first upcoming single.

For more information or for artist management, please contact DJ Rando or MR Amrit!

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Twitter: DjRandoMRAmrit

Punjabi - Single - DJ Rando & Mr. Amrit