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DJ Harvey ft Nirmal Sidhu - Bindrakhia Boliyan (Out Now)

Remember Bindrakia and his biggest hits? Let DJ HARVEY jog your memory! DJ Harvey is all set to bring you one of the BIGGEST tributes EVER paid to the Late SURJIT BINDRAKIA.

DJ HARVEY and Nirmal Sidhu are set to take fans of the great Punjabi Vocalist down memory lane. Those of you that never experienced Surjit Bindrakia, get ready to hear a classic recreated for a brand new audience.

Wondering which great track it is? Dupatta tera Satrang da, Jatt di Pasand, Tera Yaar bolda or one of his other many mega hits?

All will be revealed soon.

Watch this space for news on the single featuring Nirmal Sidhu dedicated to the breathtaking artist that was SURJIT BINDRAKIA.

Bindrakhia Boliyan 2011 (feat. Nirmal Sidhu) - Single - DJ Harvey