‘In My Head’ Viral Promotional Video

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2nd May 2011 was a very, very important date for a lot of people. Firstly, it was a bank holiday (and you know we all like a good day off!). Secondly, this was the date that the world found out that it’s most wanted man was captured and killed (apparently). And finally, and maybe even most importantly, the first single, ‘In My Head’, from Young Archie’s debut project was unleashed on the universe via music platform, iTunes.


‘In My Head’, featuring the vocals of multi-talented musical fashionista, Kazz Kumar, is an upbeat dance/house track with a very mainstream sound. Young Archie himself, now coming through as a solo music producer, has even been described as the Asian music industry’s answer to House music, bringing a vibe that not many have even attempted before.

Talking about the recent release, Young Archie says,

“The response we’ve received has been immense. It’s great to see fellow Asians appreciating other Asians trying to bring forward a different sound. I’m very humbled.”

Now though, we finally have a visual accompaniment to support the musical compound brought to us by this talented coupling.

Here we have the ‘In My Head’ official viral promotional video, with snippets of Kazz Kumar, Young Archie and one of his favourite music groups from whom he derives much inspiration. Try and guess who it is, while watching this exciting and dramatic visual treat of which Archie says,

“This video is a visual representation of what i feel when i hear the track"

In My Head - Single - Young Archie

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