Dipps Bhamrah ft KS Bhamrah - Mr Makhna (Out Now)

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Dipps Bhamrah

‘Mr Makhna’

Ft K.S Bhamrah

May 19th will see the release of ‘Mr Makhna’ the brand new single by Dipps Bhamrah! Featuring the vocals of K.S Bhamrah (Apna Sangeet), ‘Mr Makhna’ is the first single to be released from the forthcoming album by Dipps Bhamrah titled ‘Project: Bhangra’

Dipps first joined Apna Sangeet as a keyboard player aged 15 in 1996 and has been ever present. He was part of the award winning band when it picked up the Best Bhangra Band award at the 1997 Movie Music Awards. With Apna Sangeet, Dipps extensively toured the UK & abroad with tours including North America, Europe Australia, New Zealand and the far east. 15 years on Dipps Bhamrah is still part of the band & has evolved as its creative sound creator in 2011.

Bringing together all his experience from the live scene, Dipps took the natural step into Production. Dipps saw himself elevated into the forefront with his debut release ‘Take One’ releasing in 2002. The album received acclaimed support from the late great John Peel and Bobby Friction & Nihal Presents... (BBC Radio 1). Dipps went onto produce for Apna Sangeet (Diamond Cuts) alongside featuring on the hit albums Serious Records compilations ‘Gettin Serious’, ‘Ne Baliyeh’ & K.S.Bhamrah's 2010 album 'Dhol Vajda' with his track 'Tera Long' charting in the Official Asian Download Chart Top 30.

As a DJ, Dipps has become one of the elite performers and hosts on the Bhangra circuit. His style can best be described as 'peddle to the metal' as Dipps takes his ability to mix and mash any genre with Bhangra music to his audiences. Having played out and hosted at acclaimed venues including Ministry of Sound, Oceana Birmingham and Radox FX Czech Republic, Dipps Bhamrah continues to bring his unique showcase to Bhangra loving dancefloors. 
Now in 2011, Dipps Bhamrah finally embarks on his creation of ‘Project: BHANGRA’, his second solo album. Dipps, in his own unique way, launched a series of video blogs on his youtube channel, giving an unprecedented insight into the building of an album.

With the album well underway, featuring a host of established and new talents, Dipps Bhamrah is will be releasing the firs single ‘Mr Makhna’ from ‘Project: BHANGRA’ on 19th May via iTunes!

‘Mr Makhna’ will be supported by high quality videos by video director Guvy Heer (Spice Media Technical Director) and video producer Danny Sandhu (Spice Media Operations Director).

Mr Makhna - Dipps Bhamrah Ft. K.S Bhamrah – Out May 19th

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0 #4 kamalk 2011-06-05 12:18
Video is good, although you wouldn't expect anything less for someone who has good contacts in the industry. This is a simple case of who you know, not what you know!
I agree with K bhambra wouldn't buy this tune as its a remake of what he's done in the past, and a lot of the music, sounds suspiciously like jeeti's stuff? Don't know why these ghost producers don't take credit for what is there's!
Miss Kaur
+1 #3 Miss Kaur 2011-05-21 14:16
HAHA!!! this vid has me n ma bro in stitches!!! too funny...luv the song...cant w8 for the rest of PROJECT BHANGRA!!! keep up the gud wurk Dipps...xx
k bhambrah
-4 #2 k bhambrah 2011-05-20 09:42
well well, Mr Bhamrah is back with a remake of a track he released about 10 years ago. !! what teh hell. does he not listen to himself on Breakdown . Original music is what it its all about. Same vocals same tunes just a few added pieces my Jeeti . A poor effort not worth the money so i will be downloading it for free !
+2 #1 sukycheema 2011-05-19 11:50
yo its all about the keyboard player check it out at 0.48 lmfao ;)

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