Buddy Rock Presents ‘Hero Fighter’

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"...His Mummy always knew he was a special kid. Lifting cars, battling lions, leaping backwards onto buildings, was all nothing but an average day's play for him.


Then one day, this special boy heard a voice. A deep, unfamiliar, ethereal voice from above, rumbling the clouds and resonating throughout the whole sky...".

Hero Fighter is the story on 1 man, his 2 arms, 2 fists, 2 legs, 2 feet and anything else he could use to completely obliterate his opponent.

It is the story of Good meets Evil, brought to you for the very first time in a very original format.

Created by Music Producer, Animator and Concept Developer, Buddy Rock; the Avid master of many creative trades. He is currently working on a lot more material to unleash to the un-expecting masses real soon!

Enjoy The Amitabh Edition of Hero Fighter and support the movement!

Created, Animated and Produced by Buddy Rock.

Voiced by Buddy Rock and Sam Phoenix (Sam Sam)

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