J-Swade releases Urja Video

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Discover the first Asian HipHop artist from Paris!


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J-Swade is the first Asian Hip-Hop artist from France. His first single Urja is just out this season and is here to stay! Of Gujarati, Tamil, Goan & Keralese origin, J-Swade is proud to represent the diversity of India.

Also inspired by major Hip-Hip personalities such as P. Diddy & Will Smith, J-Swade started singing with his friend Massif. B’India notices the duo on MySpace and sends them on stage at the 2006 finale of Miss India France beauty contest in Paris with their song The Luv of My Life.

This exposure gives a boost to J-Swade’s career. He meets musicians and producers and starts recording in the B-Prod studio in Paris. He gets the opportunity to perform live with a band on the occasion of Juggy D, H-Dhami & Panjabi MC’s concert in Paris in a mythic Parisian venue.

His first album - produced by Prince Digital Records in London – is now ready to take the music industry by storm. Don’t miss the first taste of it: it’s called Urja ! And it’s gonna make you fly !

J-Swade is a B’India artist.



0 #2 Kareena77 2011-04-20 15:10
Hey Nagaradjan I was at the concert as well and I saw him performed, in the first part of the show, before dancers and stuff...He performed with a band called SaRaGaMaPa if I'm not mistaken. And it was good :) I think it's great that he's now launching his career
+3 #1 Nagaradjan 2011-04-20 03:01
I like the song
But there is a mistake here he has never performed lived with his band on the occasion of juggyd,h dhami, believe me i went there the show was great but i havent seen dis guy performin over there

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