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Sukhi Walia & EV (A-slam) release Pyaar Hai Video


“Pyaar Hai” is a deep love song inspired by Jay Sean’s Ride it.  When Jay Sean released his album My Own Way in India he added a few Hindi verses to this already popular single.  “Pyaar Hai” transforms these Hindi lyrics into a full song.

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The single is by Sukhi Walia and “E.V.”.  This is the second single from Sukhi Walia who will be releasing an EP later this year.  Sukhi Walia’s first single, Na Ja Soniye, was produced by Sunny Brown and went viral after its debut at the RDB concert in Vancouver.  

“E.V.” is from the popular Hip-Hop Fusion group A-slam music productions.   You might recognize his voice.  He has been featured alongside Miss Pooja and Avtar Rai on the UK AMA award winning album American Desi by DJ Sanj.  A-slam is also featured as artists and producers on the hit world music album Twist & Shout by Taz of Stereo Nation.  A-slam will be dropping their second mixtape before the summer and then releasing their debut album in September.  

The stunning video for Pyaar Hai was produced by Renegade Films and the music was composed by Jaz Lottay.

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