Amar Sajaalpuri ft. Popsy - Meri Tanhayi (Out Now)

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Popsy the Music Machine presents Amar Sajaalpuri who is all to release his debut single, 'Meri Tanhayi'. 


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Introducing a world exclusive; the brand new face in Punjabi music, Amar Sajaalpuri with his beautiful, heart moving new song ‘Meri Tanhaai’ produced by the legendary music machine who bought you the smash hit ‘Hyper’ Popsy!! These two combined are guaranteed to bring you an earth shattering collaboration.

Meri Tanhaai has been blended together with the soothing vocals of Amar and great musical geniuses by Popsy. The violin orchestra conducted by the Big Man brings a unique and special sound blended with subtle

Originally from Nawanshahr Doaba, India, Amar Sajaalpuri now resides in Parma, Italy, impending closer to Britain! Following in the musical footsteps of his idols: the unforgettable Chamkila; the music man Sukshinder Shinda and of course the music machine Popsy, Amar Sajaalpuri is ready to blow up the music scenes with his upcoming projects!

Meri Tanhaai - Single - Amar Sajaalpuri & Popsy



0 #2 superb 2011-05-15 08:28
Sounds ok suprised that MB released this with so many other albums waiting to come out? Should have gone to next person and saved loads of money lol and used it on a better video.
dj dholli.
0 #1 dj dholli. 2011-04-23 17:51
when is this coming out? any promos to it?

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