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Josh & Jas feat. Jaswinder Daghamia & J.Maka - Teri Toor Refix (Out Now)


Josh & Jas released their debut single ‘Teri Toor’ featuring Jaswinder Daghamia last year and for 2011 they have put a new spin on the track.
The track has been reproduced by the duo. Laced with beats, synths and MCing courtesy of J.Maka MC, the ‘Teri Toor Refix’ is a perfect urban desi blend.

J.Maka who has previously worked with artist such as RDB and BEE2 and received a UK Asian Music Award for ‘Best MC’, marks his return to the music scene on this song. His lyrical contribution is interspersed across the track enhancing the rhythm and melody and adding impact to the beat.

The original track has proved popular with its catchy lyrics and laid back Bhangra vibe. As their first project, Josh & Jas wanted to do more with ‘Teri Toor’ and wanted to showcase their musical styles, vision and potential with a club version of the track. They cleverly fused Daghamia’s vocals over an infectious dancehall beat sprinkled with J.Maka’s distinguishable MCing and the result is the‘Teri Toor Refix’.

Josh & Jas’s ‘Teri Toor Refix’ featuring Jaswinder Daghamia and J.Maka MC out now on iTunes.


Twitter: @Josh_Jas

Teri Toor (The Refix) [feat. Jaswinder Daghamia & J Maka MC] - Single - Josh & Jas