Sunny KMS ft Ravi Duggal - Vanjara (Out Now)

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Check out the promo for 'Vanjara' the brand new single by Sunny KMS feat Ravi Duggal, out now on iTunes.

Serving the music industry for over a decade with a unique talent, Sunny KMS has successfully proven his mark and flair in and around the boundaries of Bhangra across the UK as a successful and established DJ. His talent has led him to perform at some of the biggest venues across the UK, including the world renowned super club ‘Ministry of Sound’.

Having a passion for music is an understatement. Sunny became connected to traditional Panjabi songs at a very young age whilst visiting India. The journey was just a beginning when it came to listening to his family’s dusty records of folk singers such as Ranjit Kaur, Chamkila and Mohammad Sadiq. The sounds were carried with him to the UK where he began to learn playing the Dhol in tune with his ardour for Bhangra and Asian music. Sunny invested the inspirations into a personal Studio. From there, the ingredients of his traditions and interests allowed him to explore the various flavours in producing, creating and mixing beats and experimenting with different melodies.

Having established KMS Roadshow and becoming a well known brand across Northern England, the time has now come for Sunny KMS to begin his first foray into music.

Having now signed with Audio Groove records, Sunny has prepared his new debut single, with the vocals of Ravi Duggal. Having heard Ravi Duggal on the hit song ‘Jawani’, Sunny instantly knew he wanted to work with his phenomenal vocals.

The song titled ‘Vanjara’ is full of energy and colour, suited to all occasions and best described as a Giddha track. The single will fit the dance floor with just the right mix and more to get that burst of Bhangra in the audience eager to dance!

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Vanjara - Single - Sunny KMS & Ravi Duggal



Dally Kaur
+5 #2 Dally Kaur 2011-03-22 19:42
Sounds really good!

I like the lively-ness of the song!

I have seen KMS Sounds Dj at a party in the past and they are good at what they do. Well done Sunny KMS
pop star
0 #1 pop star 2011-03-22 17:32
at fisrt thinking another DJ :|

then i thought maybe gone to a new label cos nobody would have him.

so at this point not good.

but anyway he sounds good on text and looks like the rest of the DJ's.. he must be well established cos he looks like a big guy and seems like he has been indulging into to many smosay at the partys lol...

anyway back to the point.. ive heard ravi's old stuff defo underated singer!

listen to the promo:
Very Suprised to hear somthing good for once!!

Track: a defo wedding and club banger! i would Gladley give my £1.00 notes to the dj for this track!

Video: seems clean for the family to watch.

image: DJ is a DJ.. Singer looks better than most of them pindu's out there.... BIG + point there not wearing shades!! at last the director has dimmed the lights lol.

overall: 9/10 will defo buy it!

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