Inspekta ft Ranjit Rana - Dhuji Vari Na (Out Now)

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‘Dhuji Vari Na’

Ft. Ranjit Rana

Introducing Inspekta, a hard hitting producer from the heart of UK Bhangra, who after working behind the scenes for over a decade, is set to release his debut single under Voodoo Records & Dollar Media.

The infatuation with music began at a young age for Inspekta, having been given a keyboard at the age of 12 as a gift, Inspekta quickly began to find himself experimenting with new melodies and unorthodox styles.

Becoming an accomplished player of keys, a natural progression into production quickly followed suit. Investing in a personal home studio, Inspekta then began putting his creative thoughts into beats and melodies.

Inspekta was signed by Envy Entertainment after impressing them with his demo, and instantly made his producing debut on one of the biggest albums of the year on ‘Death Jamm 2004’ alongside Lil Sach, DJ Stin & Dr Zeus. Following a successful stint at Envy Entertainment, Inspekta was approached by Moviebox to feature on the Bollywood remix album titled ‘Streets of Bollywood 2’, whilst also providing a remix on ‘Finally’ the debut album by Tony Chana.

Having grown tired of industry politics and not satisfied with using various other recording studio's, Inspekta then set up his own recording studio with Time Productions in the heart of Birmingham titled ‘Dragon Layer Studio's, alongside the creation of Voodoo Records.

2011 will see Inspekta firmly make his mark, beginning with his debut single titled ‘Dhuji Vari Na’. Inspekta hooked up with Punjab based vocalist Ranjit Rana, whilst also bringing on board Jass Kalkat to provide a definitive edge to the single.

The video, which features both Ranjit Rana & Jass Kalkat has been shot by the acclaimed Flying Solo Productions, and will be airing soon.

Dhuji Vari Na (feat. Ranjit Rana & Jass Kalkat) - Single - Inspekta [hdplay videoid=273 height=400 width=650 playlist=false autoplay=false]

Dhuji Vari Na (feat. Ranjit Rana & Jass Kalkat) - Single - Inspekta



-2 #3 Aman 2011-03-09 09:58
Why dey tryna make ranjit rana lyk a bad-a-man for man tuts
-5 #2 SinghIsKingStar 2011-02-25 23:47
sory but heard the album- its poor by aman hayers standards. truly dire in comparison to groundshaker!!! !!
+4 #1 RajG1ll 2011-02-25 15:12
dis sounds quite bangin

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