Gurdas Mann - Jogiya (Out Now)

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Punjabi icon and musical legend Gurdas Mann has just released his brand new album titled 'Jogiya' with music by Jaidev Kumar.


Track Listing:

01. Jogiya Ve Jogiya
02. Paindey Door Pishouran De
03. Saadi Jitthey Laggi
04. Gal Tere Matlab Di
05. Saari Raat Jaagdey
06. Tere Baajhon Saddi
07. Tumba Nahi Vajda
08. Sai Jee Baithey Naal

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+5 #1 Masti 2011-02-18 13:36
I have been a fan for almost 30 years, from the days of long da lishakara, I have to say this album is his weakest so far, the title track is to the same 'thaan' a Sajna ve sajna, Heer and Sakhye sahelye, he knows this beat works and he has based another track on it, it is a shame, cos the man is normally good.

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