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The Dhol Foundation - Drum Struck (Out Now)


This album throws itself to World Music lovers everywhere and flaunts amazing rhythms from the infectious and obvious Big Bhangra Beats to Favourable Favela Samba. Established in 1989 Johnny Kalsi heads the group who have travelled around the world to promote the Dhol to the masses. Often headlining at major events and festivals such as WOMAD, Johnny also plays with The Imagined Village & Afro Celt Sound System.

Out now in all good outlets, Amazon, itunes, etc.  Check out the promo to Desi Peeni featuring Saini Surinder.


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Drum Struck - The Dhol Foundation

Track Listings

1. Introducing TDF
2. Again Again
3. Desi Peeni ft. Saini Surinder
4. Favela Dog Funk
5. Naa Karde
6. Etran Duniya
7. Peace & Love
8. The Neural
9. Ven Aqui
10. Home With You
11. Ganesh