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Ajay - Kasam Se

Ajay - Kasam Se
Ajay's eagerly anticipated album Kasam Se Hit The Stores.

With two hit singles Aaja Sajana & Funki Dholi, a successful EP and a number of show stopping gigs up and down the country in the space of the last 12 months, Ajay is now poised to release the album set to re-define the UK Asian music scene and beyond.

Kasam Se, meaning 'I Swear', is an all hooks blazing album, which features the fantastic fusion of RnB rhythms, Bollywood melodies and rock guitar. Riding high from his successful EP released last year, Ajay's current project is a truly diverse production. Musically it transcends the popular genres of Bhangra, Bollywood and Urban/Soul, which makes it an album with huge potential in the World music market as well as dominating the expanding UK Asian music scene.

The album features the smash hit singles Aaja Sajana and Funki Dholi as well as the new single � Kasam Se, which showcases Ajay's soulful guitar compositions. The singer-songwriter proves his worth by crafting an album full of original songs, each providing a refreshing twist to the different genres. Kicking off with a mix of sounds in 'Bhangra Chaat Masala', soulful swoons such as 'Baahon Main', and classically based instrumentals like 'Anth', this album offers something for everyone.

All the songs are original compositions written by Ajay, with the majority of songs in the Hindi language and two tracks in English, which strengthen his versatility as an all-round performer. Production is care of The Jackal (Hypnotise Crew/Nite Jackal Productions); Niqi Brown (Misteeq, Damage) and Niraj Chag (Liberty X; Dum Dum Project), which ensures the masterful quality.

Ajay has been on the music circuit since his school years and has worked alongside amazing bands and artists such as, Jamiroquai, The Brand New Heavies the great Apache Indian and the legendary Gregory Isaacs. Hot off his tours, Ajay also took the centre stage with the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan himself at a live show. The duo shared the stage together performing unplugged versions of Shah Rukh's greatest hits one of which was the famous song from the hit blockbuster film Darr, 'Jadu Teri Nazar'.

As one of the most distinct talents in the music industry, Ajay shows his ever-increasing talent with this current release, set to revitalise and refresh the music scene, as we know it. The soulful new album will be hitting the shelves on 1st June 2006, and Ajay will be touring at various events up and down the country, so watch this space!


1. Bhangra Chaat Masala
2. Kasam Se
3. Yeh Duniya
4. Baahon Main
5. Cheti Kar
6. Funki Dholi
7. SD2L
8. Dholi's Delight
9. Aaja Sajana
10. Sapnay
11. Umeedain
12. Anth