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G Deep releases Mahi Mera video


Check out the Full video, 'Mahi Mera' coming off G Deep latest album 'O Billo'.

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Listen back to the radio interview with G Deep, who talks about his new new album O'Billo and the various big mainstream collaborations he has recently done.

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Singer/Lyrics - G-Deep
Music - Ranbir S.
Album - O' Billo
Label - Saragama (Worldwide) and Times Music (South East Asia)

Video By Real G Productions USA - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Producer - Kiran G Kaur
Director - Hemant Tavathia
Editor - Movements By Shar

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with immense pleasure that we introduce
G-Deep's latest single, Mahi Mera.

Written and performed by G-Deep with music composed and produced by Ranbir S., Mahi Mera is a timeless song with deep, heartfelt lyrics
influenced by the great Punjabi poet, Shiv Kumar Batalvi. The lyrical content and musical progression will take the listener on a journey
through love, separation, heartbreak and devotion and can be interpreted as a message to a lost love, yearning for connection to one's God or about separation between friends. What is not left to interpretation is that G-Deep and Ranbir S. have created a masterpiece with Mahi Mera, introducing the world to their beautiful melodies and soulful rock music.

This song is the first in a series of collaborations between G-Deep and Ranbir S. who is currently in the studio working on the acoustic and drum n' bass mixes for Mahi Mera. If you like the original, we're sure that you'll love these next set of mixes!