Kan D Man - Nach Ke Vekah (Video)

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BBC ASIAN NETWORK’S own Kan D Man presents to you his second single ‘NACH KE VEKAH’

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On the single he has teamed up with producer STEEL BANGLEZ; who is known for his works alongside Wiley, Mumzy Stranger, Preeya Kalidas to name a few to bring you this electrifying banger... After receiving a good feedback from various Punjabi rap freestyles Kan D Man has decided to bring you this bilingual track of his forthcoming album. The video to NACH KE VEKAH will be released in 3 weeks; keep it locked!!

Kan D Man’s Bio

Kan D Man has long enjoyed success on the urban underground scene and is a popular MC of the Grime genre. Having been active in the music industry since the age of 15, he enjoyed success with his first solo venture at the age of 18. The 'Undergraduate' was popular on the grime scene as well as the brit asian scene.

By 2005 Kan D Man took the lead role in putting together an outfit of asian MC's and producers to create the renowned 'Chronical Entertainment'. The group enjoyed instant popularity on the UK Grime and UrbanAsian scene. Their first Album, 'Seasons' gained regular airplay on bbc asian network, 1Xtra and Kiss Fm, gaining recognition by leading dj’s such as Bobby Friction and Nihal to name a few. This gained them much respect amongst peers and fans alike as the stations have long been linked with breakthrough acts from the underground scene.

Further success greeted Kan D Man with the launch of his own radio show on bbc asian network. Kan D Man and DJ Limelight took the airways by storm and fast became known as being in the forefront of the UK Asian scene with a large following. The shows unique position and popularity allowed it to become a valuable tool in bridging the gap between the UK Asian and UK Urban scenes. After just one year of being on air the pair won their first Sony Award, the British radio world’s equivalent of a Bafta.

And if the above was not enough, in such a small amount of time Kan D Man is now working on a solo project once more, which is eagerly anticipated by his fans and peers. Kan D man continues to put music out there and work in collaboration with other artists, due to his hard work and success Kan D Man is often approached by up and coming artists for advice and guidance, very few artists can boast the same level of respect in the industry



raja don
+1 #2 raja don 2011-02-11 11:05
what an idiot
pop star
+2 #1 pop star 2011-01-21 14:46
lol punjabi rap / mc?

sounds whack


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