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Balwinder Safri - Putt Sardaran Da (Out Now)


It’s been 7 years since he last had a release...and now he’s BACK...BALWINDER SAFRI IS BACK!

Doesn’t really seem like it was 7 years ago since this Bhangra legend had an official release out on the market does it? Well, it has been...but now Bhangra’s about to make it’s come back – Balwinder Safri is back.

The legendary singer of the 80’s and 90’s is bringing back that Bhangra magic we once saw in his infamous tracks such as, 'Chan Mere Makhana', 'Rahe Rahe Jaan Waliye', Menu Paar Lagaade Ve', 'Hoor Soniye', 'Puth Sardaaran Da', 'Pao Bhangre' - to name just a few. AND NOW HE IS BACK BRINGING THE SAFRI BOYZ VIBE BACK with his new song ‘Putt Sardaran Da’ out this December on itunes!!!

Once again Balwinder Safri has teamed up with the music genius he has previously seen success with Bhota Jagpal. Bhota part of B21, has not only been a key figure of Balwinder Safri’s live band ‘The Safri Boyz’ but he has also been behind the production of many other famous songs.

Balwinder Safri fans have been calling out for a new song to hit the market and woo them once again...and now it’s here. The track ‘Putt Sardaran Da’ will be out on itunes this month, with the song airing on Asian TV channels from the 18th December.


Safri (UK) Safri (USA) Challeh Mundhia - Single - JK (CANADA)