Major Sandhu - Nit Sawere (Every Morning) [Out Now]

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After a successful TV career Major Sandhu releases his brand new 10 track album, Nit Sawere (Every Morning).  The new album features 4 duets with 'Harleen Akhtar' and 6 solo tracks, one of the biggest albums he has released.  The album is supported with 5 videos, shot in Mumbai and Punjab.


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More commonly known as ‘Munda Southall Da’, Major Sandhu developed his own large fan following via SKY TV and his show on Venus &  MATV titled ‘Munda Southall Da’ attracting a massive fan base  all across Europe. He is now to be found on Venus Tv Sky digital channel 805 on Tue, Wed and Thursday 8pm.

Described by many as one of the more colourful characters Major Sandhu’s unique style of presentation should not be misinterpreted. “Nit Sawere” is an album that promises to bring forward Major Sandhus strong beliefs and moral values.  The album is out now via itunes.

Track Listing

1.  Nit Sawere         Feat Sandy Sanghera
2.  College             
3.  Pondan Piche      Major Sandhu & Harleen Akhtar
4.  Tassali               
5.  Jattiyan                 Feat Jaskaran Malhi
6.  Maa Putt                Major Sandhu & Harleen Akhtar
7.  Bacha Lai               Major Sandhu & Harleen Akhtar
8.  Viyah                  
9.  Maffi         Major Sandhu & Harleen Akhtar
10. Mohabat

Every Morning (Nit Sawere) - Major Sandhu (BUY NOW!)



This is sad
0 #2 This is sad 2010-12-21 12:41
The girl in the pink from 00:07-00:09 looks damn hot!!! But when the appears again from 00:14 she looks compeletely DIFFERENT!! LOOOLL...

Its probably the pink top and lots of makeup that made her look hot.

Regarding the singing and the man himself, HORRIBLE STUFF!!!! Dirty autotune and messed up dance moves!!!
-1 #1 J22 2010-12-18 00:16
what a load of slags and this guy got no brains at all how low are people getting in videos.

sad video as all of them girls look like slags.......... i hope this is a joke of a album and no one is taking it serious lolzz

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