Geeta Zaildar - Close 2 Me (Out Now)

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Geeta Zaildar releases his new album, 'Close 2 Me' out on the Kamlee Record Label, music by Aman Hayer.  Featuring 8 tracks and a collaboration with Roach Killa.  Check out the promos.


01. Love You

02. Sair

03. Darro

04. Aao Nachiye

05. Stay Close To Me

06. Sumander

07. Ranjhe

08. Geeta Zaildar - Heartbeat ft. Roach Killa

Close 2 Me - Geeta Zaildar (UK)



-1 #9 0000 2010-12-04 12:58
Rather than coming on message boards and moaning about labels why dont you go and buy the original copies of albums that would be more helpfull.
-1 #8 SUNEIL 2010-12-04 11:30
It just sounds like the same old stuff from Aman Hayer, getting really bored of it now. What hap[censored]ed to the days when Aman Hayer use to produced tunes like Kali Kite Mil and DC salute etc. Those beats were clean and punchy, these just sound a bit bland now. The same dhol beats over and over.
razine .
0 #7 razine . 2010-12-04 09:06
We go on about moviebox but what push this highflyers or dea get on their recent stuff? The artists did it all soundpipe made the $$ thank you next. There is a big lack of PR in the industry which needs sorting.

The promo on his video looking good geets buffed up x
reena Ç
+1 #6 reena Ç 2010-12-03 07:59
Big artists get big bucks for their events so for them if an album is promoted or not they cover the costs. Imran Khan charges random mega money and demands that any event he does has to say imran Khan world - the people who want him do it!! Why? His album done and dusted and doesn't sing live full band. That's another thing killing it artists are killing it by not outlining what they need with their product / pushing for a pre hype and giving us more than album out now go buy! This album has some good tracks nice one geeta.

The big boys who keep going support the industry buy original etc should be saying to MB we need more PR or doing our own label. We go on about MB - soundpipe are getting the same / VIP just release stuff there is no quality promotion in Asian media and too much BS with many artists.

desi desi
0 #5 desi desi 2010-12-03 06:51
bhangra is dead...companie s arent making money neither are artist. they dont have money to promote..establ ished artists arent putting effot into their work anymore. ie shinda and aman hayer. all due to piracy people. if guys like shinda and aman hayer are getting gigs cuz of their recent work i find that to be laughable. their name is whats keepin em around.
dafa hojaaa
0 #4 dafa hojaaa 2010-12-02 22:43
Bhangra killed by labels :O thats a major thing to say, surely its only the one label who doesn't all the rest do. 2011 hopefully things get better, bhangra is alive and kicking :D
jassi singh
0 #3 jassi singh 2010-12-02 22:40
The comments below have hit the nail on the head. We had DCS than Shinda now this and no pr at all. Internet and facebook is the core of any pr, artists are pushing their stuff themselves and they cant release any promos, videos, its all a business and hey bhangra is killed by labels.
Moviebox ???
0 #2 Moviebox ??? 2010-12-02 22:23
All I have to say is people the bhangra industry is flooded with so many artists ranging from singers to producers and what not. Problem is moviebox has bought out virtually every label and they have such a large collection of material and they had no idea what to do with it. They are just releasing everything left right and centre. Dont forget after shinda and geeta zaildars cd is dj sanjs cd then some new guy called t minder and aman hayers [censored]ed is that withing 2 months 0 promo! lol moviebox stop buying all these labels and focus on your core group of artists.
0 #1 critic 2010-12-02 20:27
Another album out of no where!! How are we going to know about them if labels dont do any PR - LABELS you MUST do PR - ARTISTS should boycott labels who dont, you wasting your time releasing your hard earned skill with them. Surely many will back up on this. Comment away and support the ARTISTS. Not bad promos, a true talent.

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