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Deesha - Got Me Sayin' (Video)



Urban Desi artist Deesha from Canada releases the video for her single "Got Me Sayin'." Watch the video now!

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Deesha too is ready to reveal her most intimate self with what can best be described as an emotional retro-electro-pop journey through heartbreak, hope and love. From the Bollywood inspired ‘Got Me Sayin’ to the painfully honest “Let Me Go”, Deesha’s sophomore release will be an unexpected surprise to many, but as far as Deesha is concerned, she has finally found her voice. Inspired by the sounds of her youth, including classic Bollywood, Pop, Rock and R&B, Deesha is itching to put it all on the line. “I have never been more proud of something I have created…ever.”


Got Me Sayin' - Deesha