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Beautiful Musique feat. Kashif & Slick Dogg - Changin Lanes (Video)



The Bilz and Kashif are “Breaking Barriers”

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Kashif of the most wanted musical group, The Bilz and Kashif has shifted gears and done a track with Beautiful Musique and Slick Dog called “Changing Lanes”.  This catchy tune features Kashif singing a self-created massive hook and rocking out in the music video as well!

Aside from collaborating with other artists, The Bilz and Kashif have hit the road and are definitely “Breaking Barriers” as they make moves across the country to set some stages on fire and to reach out to some die-hard fans. The artists themselves rave about the excitement of the tour saying, “So far it’s just amazing. Going on tour is the best interaction with the fans. It's great to perform our hit singles from our latest album - Breaking Barriers for them.” Recently, this musical team has set ablaze Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Washington D.C. on their Breaking Barriers Tour.

The Bilz and Kashif are all set for another ritualistic pre-show huddle and prepped to hit their next destination on December 5th with a sensational performance in the New Jersey/New York area. Vicious of The Bilz expresses, “Our live shows are unbelievable. We're nothing but energy, sync choreography and a lot of interaction with the fans. If we're not entertaining the fans, then we're just not doing it right. But so far, everyone rushes the front of the stage, so we're good to go!”

Vicious also tells us that interacting with fans live vs. via social media is  “a whole different ball game. We make sure we let our fans know that they can holler at us on FB and Twitter. But when you're performing live, and they're all singing the chorus with an ease, it just gives us the goosebumps!”