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Lx Seth ft. Swift Knight & Lady Skye - Let it Go (Video)


After months from the industry singer/producer/songwriter LX SETH is back with a new album, but this time he is not alone. The singer is finally putting forward a promise he made to bring more Indian artists into the industry. 

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The new album entitled SUPERHEROES is an eclectic album which features Indian artists from around the country. Seth stated the following:

“We must look at this project like a community building operation. I’m taking kids from all over the country and doing records with them. My aim is for people to take notice, I want individuals to listen to the album and go WOW, and can Indian talent really do this!”

The album introduces the likes of Neil Anton Govender (Swift Knight), Ashveer Ramdheen (Red Zone) and Kryskha Sukdeo ( Kitt solo).  These 3 new artists form the album SUPERHEROES, which was produced by LX SETH.  The first video of the album was shot 2 months a go by LUCID MEDIA, and is now ready for release. The video LET IT GO which features Swift Knight and Lady Skye will debut on television next week.

SETH and KNIGHT have also formed a new label, KNIGHT INDUSTRIES which will be based in DURBAN NORTH. The vision of the company will be to help and promote Indian talent.

Swift Knight had the following to say:

“I was dreaming about music 4 months ago, and now I have an album and music video, people are taking notice of my talent. When I met SETH I was green and unsure and now I feel like a star. When SETH offered me the opportunity to create a new label with him, I jumped at it. The aim of this label is to make every artist feel the way I do, incredible lucky”

The first single LET IT GO has already gone to number 1 in the states. The single hit number one status about 4 months ago on 101 The US version featured American HIP-HOP star Omillio Sparks, who is involved with State Property. The rapper also has been associated with Rocafella Records.  Sparks has written several hits for big artists in the states, one of them being JAY Z.  The South African version however does not feature him, but the US VERSION can be purchased from itunes. SETH and KNIGHT plan on doing an entire album with the rapper.

The SUPERHEROES album is a concept album built on the fantasy world of comic books. Every artist on this album has an alter ego. The story line is as follows…

These heroes have been sent to earth to save civilisation from itself with music.

Short, sweet and to the point…

It’s safe to say that this record has an out of this world sound. The album hits stores in December 2010.