Garry Sandhu ft Roach Killa - Dil De De (Out Now)

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Garry Sandhu

‘Dil De De’

Feat Roach Killa

After the success of his debut single ‘Main Nee Peenda’; Spice Media are proud to present the follow up single from Garry Sandhu titled ‘Dil De De’.

Ensuring a unique sound, the song has been produced by the prolific Surinder Rattan, who laces the vocals of Garry Sandhu with an infectious beat!

Completing the collaboration is Canadian artist Roach Killa whose unmistakable style flows elegantly alongside the powerful vocals of Garry Sandhu.

‘Dil De De’ has been written and composed by Garry Sandhu himself, who is currently busy working on his debut album, which is set for release early 2011. The album will feature collaborations with some of the most talented producers in the industry.

The video for ‘Dil De De’ has been shot by critically acclaimed ‘Ballistics’ team and will be airing shortly on TV & web.

Garry Sandhu feat Roach Killa – Dil De De is releasing soon via iTunes.

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Dil De De (feat. Roach Killa) - Single - Garry Sandhu (UK)



ashleigh kaur
0 #14 ashleigh kaur 2011-03-18 14:25
said i knew the lyric had to cut da song short kus they give u a typin lyric lmao tht is a bit stupidx
love u garry x
ashleigh kaur
0 #13 ashleigh kaur 2011-03-18 14:25
Ik gal saadi sun le sohniye
Ik gal saadi sun le heeriye
Ik gal saadi sun le sohniye, roop sada nahin rehna
Ik vaari hun tu saadi hoja, mann le saada kehna

Ni saari umar rakhanga tenu
Saari umar rakhanga tenu, mann da meet bana ke
Pariyan naalo sohni surat, dil de vich basa ke, dil de vich basa ke
Ik vaari dil de dil de dil, sohniya nu dil de dil de dil
Ik vaari dil de dil de dil, sohniya nu dil de dil de dil

Jad kolon saade tu langdi
Jad kolon saade tu langdi, dil nu haul jeha [censored]da
Chaare paase tuhi disdi, tere pulekha [censored]da
Sohniye tere pulekha [censored]da
Ik vaari dil de dil de dil, sohniya nu dil de dil de dil
Ik vaari dil de dil de dil, sohniya nu dil de dil de dil

Sacchi gal tenu aakhe Gary
Sacchi gal tenu aakhe Sandhu, ennu jhooth na jaani
Jedi saade dil vich si, tenu saari dassi kahani
Sohniye saari dassi kahani
Ik vaari dil de dil de dil, sohniya nu dil de dil de dil
Ik vaari dil de dil de dil, sohniya nu dil de dil de dil
Dil de dil de dil ..
ashleigh kaur
0 #12 ashleigh kaur 2011-03-18 14:23
omg i love dis song n i love garry sandhu call in the swat team kus he is da bomb:)
he has sik vocals and he is gawjus he looks even better in uniform though but he also looks good as a bad boy lmaox
roach killa smashed it wid garry on dis track it iz crazzy; garry should have won bestt newcomer at the asian music awards last thursday.
he tourn the stage apart he is not only amazin on cd or mp3 he is atually sikkk live on stage n ders nt a lot of singers out there that deliver three things
1. looks
2.good vocals on cd and in studio
3.good vocals live on tour or on stage.
he has the package.
i was singin this song earlier in my science lesson n made the whole of my class listen aswell kus i refused to turn my ipod down lmao they were all like omg what is that kus they all white it was hilariouse plus i was singin along
so i now know all the lyrics to this bad ass track:)
sikk ass song keep it up hun; u hve made all the jatts proud mwahh love yh babes xx
amy preet
0 #11 amy preet 2010-12-24 16:39
i love garry !
Sweety angel
+2 #10 RE: Garry Sandhu ft Roach Killa - Dil De De (Out Now)Sweety angel 2010-12-03 13:10
I love u Gaary..mwah xxx
and I love ur song man........
0 #9 critic 2010-12-01 13:03
Quoting ThemainMan:
when is this out?

Tomorrow i think, thats whats on his facebook
0 #8 ThemainMan 2010-12-01 11:36
when is this out?
+2 #7 zairy 2010-11-19 12:08
i luv this cuz its featuring killa
+1 #6 alcoholicsingh 2010-11-17 01:03
hasnt this song already been released once with a video? im sure i have seen it on youtube.gary's driving around in a Bentley and the music was by Kam Frantic?? no roach killa on that one though maybe its a remake??
+5 #5 SxeBrwnMan 2010-11-12 16:15
Garry Sandhu doesn't sound that bad. Can't wait for the full track. One thing is for sure I am glad he is working with a good producer in Surinder Rattan. He laced up a pretty sick beat on this one. People might hate it due to the rapping of Roach Killa but me personally I like it. In my opinion Roach Killa brings more to tracks then majority of the lame mc/rappers from the UK, cough *G-Money* cough. Roach has a good voice and actually has some talent in his field.
+2 #4 mehsop 2010-11-12 14:13
This is a sick track, keep up the good work bro, looking forward to this.
+2 #3 jatinder--- 2010-11-12 10:45
sounds awesome!!!!

how gud ws main nee peenda tho?? sick track!

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