DJ Dips ft. Nirmal & Nav Sidhu - Nachale Sanu Naal (Out Now)

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For his latest musical offering, DJ Dips has brought together father and son duo Nirmal Sidhu and Nav Sidhu for a huge party treat – ‘Nachale Sanu Naal’.

Nachale Sanu Naal - DJ Dips

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Last year, DJ Dips released his debut solo Bhangra album ‘Stand Up Vol. 1’; the album featured tracks such as ‘Gal Sun’, ‘Nagin’ and the number one single of 2009 – ‘Gerra De De’ featuring Miss Pooja, Lehmber Hussainpuri and Kaka Bhaniawala. The Bhangra releases were followed by a grime inspired take on ‘Gerra De De’. Featuring a sample of Miss Pooja’s vocals and five British Asian MC’s. ‘This DJ’ received a great response and mainstream exposure, further displaying this young producers ability, creativity and appeal.

Having established a solo career and now a well recognised name in the music industry, gig scene and wedding market, DJ Dips is all set for his second album release. For the first track off the album, DJ Dips returns to his Bhangra roots and has produced a real uptempo desi number that will encourage even the shyest of partygoers to hit the dance floor. Featuring the distinct vocals of Bhangra veteran Nirmal Sidhu and presenting young upcoming talent Nav Sidhu, ‘Nachale Sanu Naal’ blends Giddah Boli and Bhangra beats for an entertaining number.

‘Nachale Sanu Naal’ by DJ Dips featuring Nirmal and Nav Sindhu will be releasing via iTunes, Amazon, and all other good music stores on 6th December 2010 on 4Play Recordings.

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Nachale Sanu Naal - DJ Dips



0 #6 majorsingh 2010-12-04 17:06
[censored] dissed this fool and to be honest he doz sound like a twat.....
Sweety angel
0 #5 Sweety angel 2010-12-03 13:09
bhangra singh
+2 #4 bhangra singh 2010-11-11 12:18
yeah must admit this promo is useless.
+2 #3 realdeal 2010-11-10 18:47
Bro such a shit teaser i mean honestly what does it tell us about the track? I am not going to be anticipating the next 3/4 weeks for this to be released
+2 #2 ctf 2010-11-10 14:17
Quoting dj dips:
support me bludss...this time i went to Angel to produce it

LOL! gwan blud still getting mans to do your work, big respect to you. :-*
dj dips
+1 #1 dj dips 2010-11-10 13:51
support me bludss...this time i went to Angel to produce it

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