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Tabish Iqbal - Aaja Ni Aaja Ni (Video)


Tabish's first music video is on aired on all famous Pakistani music channels with an exciting frequency. This video was the return of Jawad bashir (Director) and Sonu dangerous (Pakistan's Best Choreographer) after a long absence of around 2 years. Faraz Khosa’s catchy music, Tabish's cute and first time on camera expressions, Jawad's funny touch and Sonu's classic moves have brightened up the video.

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Video has been shot at 3 indoor sets and one out door location. The video opens up with the jail scene where Tabish being chained up by the authorities & questioned by agents, over a bank robbery.

The Punch line "Aaja Ni Aaja Ni" is referred to the hero's call to his girl to run away from the FBI agents who are chasing them.

For more details, check out the video.

The road to becoming an artist is a less traveled one, especially if you are the only member of your family trying to enter a field that has been untapped. Tabish always had a passion for singing and always sang out loud at family functions, never shying away from a singing opportunity. After getting a great applause in a very small age he made it a mission to earn a name in the music industry.

This had been his childhood dream. During his college days he started writing his 1st song which was a patriotic Punjabi song. He has always been creative in his lyrics. He kept on working on his lyrics for 6years and been struggling beside his studies. He studied in Islamabad Model College then joined NUST Business School. During University days mostly sitting with friends, creating new stuff and singing in crowd were his main activities. He has also been representing his University in many singing competitions.

After that he went abroad for his higher studies and returned to Pakistan in Sept 2009 with a MSc. Finance Degree. He also represented his country in couple of functions in UK where he got big applauses and then he had thought that next time he should be on a real big stage.   According to Tabish “There is no success without Allah's help and parents support & prayers." His parents have been a great support for him and he gives all credit to his family and his best buddy Hasan Seraj.

We hope that you all like his work because your support really means a lot to us. So keep supporting his talent.

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