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MR P Ft Mallika & Jyoti - Chaklo Chaklo (Out Now)


“To begin with, I want to thank the websites for giving me the opportunity to promote my music across the world and on their website and continue my musical journey into the Bhangra industry. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the public who showed me a lot of support regarding my debut single release ‘Rab Utte’. The support was overwhelming and for that I thank you”.

“Since the release of ‘Rab Utte’, I have been working very hard in the studio trying to finish the debut album entitled ‘He’S Here’. With the album releasing sometime in 2011 and having given teasers of the types of sounds that you will hear come the release, I decided to release one last single taken from the album Entitled ‘Chaklo Chaklo’ featuring the talented duo Mallika & Jyoti”

{audio}/media/Music/Oct10/Mr P Feat MallikaJyoti-Chaklo Exclusive Promo.mp3{/audio} Listen to the promo now!

“As stated before, I have tried to cater for all musical tastes within the album. The reason being is that Bhangra now has a bigger audience so each person has a different taste in what they want from a Bhangra song. I also want to show my versatility in producing music from making a slow acoustic track like ‘Rab Utte’ to producing an energetic Gidda track like ‘Chaklo Chaklo’.

‘Chaklo Chaklo’ is a Gidda song that has been made primarily for the dance floors of party’s weddings and other festivities. The lyrics are catchy, they are easy to understand and more importantly it carries a very important message that songs can be written about alcohol without the need to promote it or encourage alcoholism. Lyrics are very important to me.  Like ‘Rab Utte’, songs can be written about anything that comes to mind. Sadly in this day and age, Bhangra lyrics are always based on concepts such as ‘Bothala’, ‘Chanjar’s’, ‘Kuriyah’, ‘Gaddiyan’, ‘Glassi’ etc. Each track on my album has new subject matters. As you will hear with this song and with ‘Rab Utte’, the message inside the song tells the story”

“When I was planning the album, I always wanted to create a Gidda song. After approaching Lyricist Dev Raj Jassal (Uncle) to write me a Gidda based song based on my criteria he actually informed me, he had written a track along the lines of what I had asked for around a decade ago. When he started to tell me the lyrics to ‘Chaklo Chaklo’, after an hour or so modernising in, I made it my very own”

“As with the other 8 tracks on the album, I had made the music to each song before selecting the vocalist. Every1 works their own way and this enables me to choose a vocalist that I believe has the vocal capabilities to suit the track rather then choose a singer by name and reputation”

“I have always been a fan of Mallika and Jyoti. Their previous albums have showcased their talents as a talented duo and after the music was made for ‘Chaklo Chaklo’, there was nobody I else wanted for the track. I approached them and after hearing the song with my guide vocals on there, they jumped on board”

“17 live instruments have been used to make this song. Apart from the vocals and additional percussion, everything has been recorded in the UK from banjo, flute, violin, dhol, dholki etc. As with ‘Rab Utte’ evidence of this will be exhibited in my second video diary. The video diary will contain footage of the musicans I used recording their instruments to footage of Daz Wood and me in the studio mixing the track. As previously stated, I am not in this industry for fame.

I make music for the love not for the importance of how I am perceived by making a video. I like to let my music to do the talking and ‘Chaklo Chaklo’ will hopefully follow suit. I will stress this version of the ‘Chaklo Chaklo’ and ‘Rab Utte’ acoustic will not be on the album as I believe charging them again for the tracks they purchase first is not fair on them or viable”

“For the album 2 brand new versions have been prepared and will be on the album. Finally I present” ‘MR P Feat Mallika & Jyoti-Chaklo Chaklo’

Chaklo Chaklo - Single - Mr. P & Mallika & Jyoti (UK)

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