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The Bilz & Kashif Bring Sexy Back with Tera Nasha (Video)


Get ready to feel intoxicated! The Bliz & Kashif’s latest music video, “Tera Nasha,” is about speed up the polar ice caps melting with an incredibly steamy vibe. 

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“Tera Nasha” is a slick blend of Hindi and English with Master-D, Kashif and Vicious sensuously crooning to the women they love. A track full of passion and sentiment, The Bilz & Kashif say that this song is for all of the lovers out there:

“After the huge success of Mere Khyalon Mein on the last album, we thought it would be a great concept to write another song which captured once more, the dynamics of Master-D & Kashif.  This time we thought: let’s make it a single. “Tera Nasha” is dedicated to the lovers; people who are lost in a world of passion beyond the lust and who appreciate the one who means the world to them.”

The Bilz & Kashif are famous on the neoDesi music scene for shooting videos boasting the best production level. Matching the seductive lyrics that are sure to turn up the heat for any loving couple, The Bilz & Kashif masterfully shot a video at an exclusive penthouse in Montreal that captures the essence of romance. The group revealed that the concept for the video was conceived as the song was being recorded during a studios session.

On an album as diverse as Breaking Barriers, The Bilz & Kashif have wowed audiences with their range of talent. The group has been known for club bangers, but believes that it’s important to keep it fresh for their audience:

“As artists you need to always re-invent the game and bring something new to the table. You can't get caught up with doing what everyone else is doing. And we believe that's what makes our videos stand out. We haven't seen a video to date that has this much love & passion in it, so we said, let's do it.”

The Bilz & Kashif’s latest album, Breaking Barriers released in June of 2010 and is available on iTunes. “Tera Nasha” is the latest video from the Canadian group’s sophomore album after super smash hit videos: “Single,” “On The Dancefloor” and “Turn the Music Up.”