DDS feat Bikram Singh & Ishmeet Narula - Ik Jindree (Out Now)

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After much anticipation E-Camp Productions proudly present the much-anticipated single 'Ik Jindree (One Soul)' by the London based producer/DJ, DDS. Featuring the vocal talents of US superstar Bikram Singh & upcoming talent Ishmeet Narula (California)

'Ik Jindree' is a love song where two lovers describe and express their love for one another. the couple express their love for each other through poetry. Ishmeet conveys her emotions by how much she misses him and Bikram also explains how much she means to him, she means more to him than life. They are madly in love and are eagerly awaiting to see one another. Bikram & Ishmeet claim that their love for one another is so strong that it is as if they are 'one soul' (Ik Jindree).


The single consists of clean precise percussion with mellow music pieces to compliment the vocals.

DDS is currently working on his debut album, which is in its final stages. DDS has started with each track from the beginning, by sitting down with lyricists and composing melodies which they then write the lyrics for. He firmly believes that a producer, producing a song should have 100% input in the song and not just buy the vocals and then produce it.

'Ik Jindree' featuring Bikram Singh & Ishmeet Narula - Produced By DDS - Out 10/10/10

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Mcspecial (USA)

Mcspecial (CANADA)



bhangra singh
0 #1 bhangra singh 2010-11-08 19:52
reali nice mellow track. different to all the sharab [censored] dancefloor ones.

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