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Manni Sandhu - Door Ni Kulne (Out Now)


After a 2-year gap, ‘Door Ni Kulne’ is the much-awaited new track from promising talent and online sensation Manni Sandhu. Featuring the ever-popular voice of singer Manak-E, the Bhangra song is out now!.

Door (UK)

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A lively track with a candid concept, the title of the song - ‘Door Ni Kulne’ (Door not opening) is a line that you may be familiar with especially if you’ve been in trouble with Mum or Dad! The lyrics to the song echo stereotypical concerns and complaints that parents may have. Not to be taken too seriously the track adds a little humor and fun to the age-old parental warning of ‘Door Ni Kulne’!

Speaking about the concept of the track – “The track is inspired by my mates and even my own experiences. At some point, everyone I know has been given that classic line ‘Door Ni Kulne’ or had their parents complain to them about being on the phone or being lazy. It’s a fun and catchy track that everyone can relate to and Manak-E’s voice and delivery really bring the lyrics to life. ” Manni.

‘Door Ni Kulne’ is the first single to be taken from the young producers first album – ‘My Time’. Only 21 years old, Manni Sandhu has been producing and remixing music for many years now. Starting with producing out of his bedroom, he released his first mixtape ‘The Demo’ in 2006. It was an underground hit. The next year he followed it up with another - ‘Mutual Concept’. This mixtape took him from the underground scene into the mainstream Asian music scene. He was introduced as an up and coming producer to look out for by Ameet Chana on his BBC Asian Network ‘Breakdown’ show and then went on to gain further media support and club plays. Following that, Manni decided to release his own music and released his debut single ‘Pawara’ in 2008.

Since his previous releases, Manni has busied himself with university and studying towards his degree. However, the ambitious musician continues to produce and develop his musical skills and still regularly trains and learns the keyboard, tumbi and harmonium; samples of which have been viewed by thousands on Youtube. Not limiting himself and being creative, Manni says that you will get to hear a variety of sounds and influences on the album.

“Apart from Bhangra I enjoy producing and listening to Urban music, whether it be Drum n Bass, Grime or Hip hop. I grew up listening to all kinds of stuff when I was a kid, so I’ve kind of ended up producing it as well. I’m constantly learning and developing my sound, so I wouldn’t want to pigeon-hole my sound just yet.” Says Manni.

Manni is now signed to Brown Boi Music, who aim to develop and promote young fresh talent and is also the home of Urban artist Menis. The release of ‘Door Ni Kulne’ will be followed by ‘Bottle’ featuring Lehmber Hussainpuri.

‘Door Ni Kulne’ is out on iTunes from Thursday 7th October 2010.

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About Manni Sandhu

Amrinder Singh Sandhu better known as Manni Sandhu is an up and coming Bhangra music producer. Born in West London and raised in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, since his early teens, Manni has been working on turning his passion into his career. Seeing his brother mix a Hip Hop track with an old school Panjabi track was a defining moment of Manni’s life, it was the beginning of his affair with music. Following in his brother’s footsteps, he began experimenting and remixing old school Panjabi classics with Hip Hop, Reggae, Drum‘n’Bass and Garage beats. It was at the still very young age of 14 Manni received his break and went to his first gig and witnessed the live DJ’ing experience. The music, the crowd and the club vibe had Manni hooked and soon Manni was DJ’ing at major club events in the North-East.

With constant practice, training and regular performances Manni’s skills as a DJ grew and he began to refine his technique and style. Remixing and creating new versions of tracks on the decks, Manni finally felt ready to create new music. Teaching himself the keyboard, harmonium and tumbi with help from online tutorials and training through Wolverhampton based music producer Gurps Sandhar, Manni’s production journey began. At the age of 16 Manni released his first product out of his bedroom set up; an underground project entitled ‘The Demo’, which showcased his music production skills with remixes of tracks by artists such as Lembher Hussainpurri, Dippa Dosanjh and Bhinda Aujla. The response for this was immense; the teenager’s talent and use of basic production equipment blew people away.

Manni then teamed up with JSL, a music producer based in India for his next project entitled ‘Mutual Concept’. Again the response to this project was amazing, the Manni Sandhu sound was now being spread across the airwaves and major hype was being created. The success of ‘Mutual Concept’ caught the attention of the BBC Asian Network and his Reggaeton remix to the track ‘Tokh Tokh Ke’ was featured on ‘Bhang’d Up’ on Ameet Chana’s Breakdown show which introduces new artists into the industry.

At the age of 17, Manni was DJ’ing up and down the North-East, had released 2 successful underground albums and had major hype around his name. It was then time to stop remixing and produce his own music, own sound, from beginning to end. Manni travelled to India to meet vocalists and came back with a vocal by an up and coming vocalist known as Major Chanalia. In March 2008, he released his official debut single entitled ‘Pawara’. The track became an instant hit and was also play listed on the BBC Asian Network and BBC 1XTRA, receiving praise from presenters like Panjabi Hit Squad, Ameet Chana and Sonny Ji. Manni was assured that he had the ability to further develop his career. Understanding the importance of having qualifications, Manni decided to go to university and take time out from releasing music. However, he continued working on developing himself and has been learning traditional music and training with Ustaad Master Rashpal Singh. Not completely detaching himself from his audience, Manni kept Bhangra fans updated with new mixes via youtube and facebook, this kept him connected and gave him vital feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

The young talent couldn’t stay away too long and soon found himself back in the studio and is now ready to put his training and feedback to use and release new material. Tapping into his early musical influences of old school Bhangra and Hip Hop and his Panjabi and British culture, Manni represents the sound of young British Asians, successfully fusing traditional and mainstream musical elements. Manni is now signed to Brown Boi music, the home of Urban artist Menis, who aim to develop and promote young fresh talent and will be releasing his album in the coming months.

Single:     Pawara  - 2008
Album:     Mutual Concept – 2007
Album:     The Demo – 2006

Door (UK)