Manny Khaira – Seetee (Out Now)

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October 2010 we witness the launch of a new artist to the UK Bhangra industry,Manny Khaira. A multi talented Singer,Composer,Arranger,Musician and Dancer born and raised in the UK who has spent years perfecting his musical skills both classically and in the studio.

Track entitled "Punjab" from the album "Cool 2be Punjabi" which Manny Khaira featured on,along side talented vocalists including the likes of the late Kaka Bheniawalla, Manpreet Aktaar, Jaswinder Jass and Sukha Sangojla.

An exciting time for Manny Khaira as he has just put the finishing touches to his much anticipated debut solo album. We start off with his first single from that album "Seetee" which is set to explode onto dance floors and radio stations.

{audio}media/Music/Oct10/Manny Khaira's Seetee.mp3{/audio} - Listen to Promo

Already having performed in some of the most prestigious venues across Europe and India Manny Khaira's electrifying performances are a must to watch.

Stay tuned as it's about to get very interesting.This is just the beginning Manny Khaira will have you craving for more.






bobby dj
+1 #4 bobby dj 2010-10-22 12:52
this is a tune i love i love him
Manj K
-2 #3 Manj K 2010-10-13 14:57
this guy has robbed manjeet kondel seetee track
-3 #2 LOLLOLOLOL 2010-10-10 04:21
haha funny copy
0 #1 Sawal 2010-10-07 23:22
song is copy of Sukhbir song car from album Hai Energy..

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