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Blitzkrieg - Get Blitz (Album Out Now)


The new album by Toronto rapper Blitzkrieg is out now via iTunes!

The talented Blitzkrieg returns with a collaboration of epic proportions! His brand new album Get Blitz, once again takes the Urban Desi music scene to another level by fusing his inimitable flow with a galaxy of stars including RDB, Juggy D, Navin Kundra, Kazz Kumar, Rafaqat Ali Khan, AG Dolla and Parichay. Producers featured on the 14 track album are Mentor, E=MC, RDB and Tigerstyle amongst others.

The first two singles released from the album were 'Kiss' (Chumma) featuring the mighty RDB and then 'Take Your Picture' with the Punjabi rockstar Juggy D. Blitz is no stranger to the limelight. He has enjoyed success across the globe and recently signed a deal with a Mumbai based label and is in discussions with a label in the Middle East.

His first album The Rhyme Book, sold thousands across the world and made him a household name across his homeland Canada. Blitz says: "I wanted to bring something special and unique to the Uk music scene and decided to make a urban collaborations album. My first album Rhyme Book was an introduction and solo effort, this album portrays my progression as an artist."

Official Tracklisting

1. Take Your Picture feat Juggy D & Tigerstyle
2. Kiss (Chumma) feat RDB
3. Dil Laghi feat Choclair, Mentor & Rafaquat Ali Khan
4. Nain feat Pama Sarai & Surjit Sagar
5. Ranjha feat E=MC
6. Amazing feat Deesha & Pama Sarai
7. Nothing Good About Me feat Kazz Kumar & Tigerstyle
8. Love You The Same feat Kat Eyes, Navin Kundra, Roach Killa
9. Me Against The World feat Chloe & E=MC
10. Aviator Shades feat E=MC
11. Cancer feat AG Dolla, Natureboy & Nivla
12. Kiss (Chumma) Tigerstyle Remix
13. Can't Forget You (Dil Laghi Remix)
14. Robby - Blitzkrieg

blitz (UK)

Mcspecial (USA)

Mcspecial (CANADA)