Various - Vow on Six Lush God (EP Out Soon)

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Drawing an end to the Summer of 2010, everything leads to an Indian Summer, brisk walks, cool breeze and the music to take you there. Govind Bhachu, Lux Phull and Swoosh all come together on this second release from SpeakerBoxx Records. Govind Bhachu having debuted earlier in the year with the single Viyah, brings together a trip rolling tune with Roach Killa. Lux Phull who debuts with Swoosh brings an altogether crisp sound to the blissful genre of Bhangra featuring Amarjeet Chamkilla and to end the EP, we have Swoosh, beats, hook lines and rhythms from yesteryear featuring Emak and Anoushka. Ease yourself into a simple, journey with VOW ON SIX LUSH GOD.

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